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Social Media Debates – Why I No Longer Play in the Fray

It happens. You are scrolling down your newsfeed and come across that post that just gets under your skin. You know that person must be completely off their meds to say something so ignorant, and you can’t wait to enlighten them so they can again join the world of […]

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    15 Essential Savings Tips – From Someone Who Learned the Hard Way

15 Essential Savings Tips – From Someone Who Learned the Hard Way

No one can deny the economy has seen better days. The housing collapse, bank bailouts, and layoffs are a constant presence in the news and in our personal lives. For many of us, that means we need to ebb the tide of cash flowing out, especially as less flows […]

Running to Remember Boston – in Grenada, West Indies

The Boston marathon bombing shock waves were felt across the entire world. It wasn’t just an attack on a public event, but it targeted one of the purest forms of achievement – the finish line of a race. Running, like the Olympic Games, brings people together from all cultures, […]

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So You Think You Hate Running?

I have been running off and on for the past twenty years. During my “off” seasons of life I certainly haven’t looked like I should stand with the lanky athletes who fly over miles like stepping stones, but my heart has always identified with them. Over time, I have […]

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When I don’t know what to do, I run.

I ran today because nothing else made sense. I wore my race shirt of blue and gold, found an American flag, and started my run. Yesterday, bombs went off at the Boston Marathon. People died. Limbs shattered. Hearts broke.

The Boston Marathon […]

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