I’m a corporate sales professional turned entrepreneur and writer. After years working in territory sales management for both Procter & Gamble and Colgate Palmolive, I decided to dust off that old journalism degree and my past work in broadcast journalism at NBC and newspaper writing and pursue my love of the written word again. Want to get to know me better? Read more about my personal story here!

I can promise that in all of my work, I will not rest until you are happy with your content. I offer multiple revisions (at no additional charge) to make absolutely sure that I capture your vision. I am currently available for hire for the following skills:

Creative Writing Services

Do you have an idea, but struggle with a dynamic way to present it? Do you desire to inspire, entertain or enlighten your audience, but need direction? I help my clients breathe life into their message so that it leaps off the screen and inspires others to action and share the content with their friends. Let me be an extension of your creativity and paint your vision in such a way as to capture the hearts, minds and loyalty of your readers.

Examples of Creative Writing Work:

Business, Entrepreneurial, Real Estate and Sales Writing

If you need your readers to get inspired to become better in relating to their customers – look no further! I can help you with your aspirations to empower more people to gain the courage to explore an entrepreneurial dream. Just let me be your voice!

Examples of Business, Entrepreneurial, and Sales Writing:

Copywriting, Medical and Technical Writing

Are you trying to spur your customers to action? Do you want to make your product irresistible to their eyes while at the same time connecting with their inner desires? Are your struggling to make technical information relevant to your customers, and show them how you can help solve their problems?

I have worked in direct sales with some of the top companies in the world (Procter & Gamble and Colgate Palmolive) selling to the most educated customers (doctors). I have learned how to present technical information to bring about actionable results with a very discerning crowd. I have sold in the science arena for seven years, and I understand how to meander through the maze of medical terminology and clinical studies. Let me provide the content for your next sales campaign or help you flesh out your medical education site.

Examples of Technical Writing Work:

Research and PowerPoint Presentation Creation

Most of my clients have better things to do than tinker with PowerPoint presentations. Many are on a tight schedule; and they don’t have time to research a topic and create a viable presentation. I have created presentations for a wide variety of clients – from top executives in Procter & Gamble to outreach non-profit ministries initiatives – and everything in between. Let me take some of the work off of your shoulders and create a presentation that makes you look like the hero!

Resume Writing

Do you want to stand out from the pile of resumes with a sharp, well-written snapshot of your greatest strengths? If so, let me show your best side to your future employer!

Tutoring (in English or Essay-Writing Disciplines)

Do you need to become a better writer? Are you struggling with how to create an essay for school or work? Are you comma confused? I can help! Contact me for individual rates.


Did you ever want to write your own book, but you aren’t sure that you have time to actually write it? I will write your content and let you take the credit! I am currently working on a full-length novel. In the past, I have also written a fitness eBook. (Sorry, but if I told you what I wrote I would blow my client’s cover.)

Thanks for considering me for your next project! I look forward to being an extension of your literary voice to your audience.