I’m screaming till my breath is gone!

I can’t get your attention!

You won’t stop escaping into pointless busyness long enough to listen.

I will try one last time!

Remember that feeling that you could grow up to be anything? Why did you give up?

You don’t need permission to be great. You don’t need an audience’s applause. You don’t need someone to hold your hand.

Remember when you used to spin in circles till you couldn’t stand, roll down wildflower hillsides, chase fireflies, catch raindrops on your tongue, and pretend to be a superhero? Remember when you did things just for the joy of doing them, not because they were expected?



When did your inner child die?

Remember when you were brave? You hadn’t been hurt yet, so you weren’t afraid of pain. You could slay your dragons. You could beat back the giants. You could say what you really thought.

Remember when you did things because they were right? When you stopped to help the broken butterfly? When you had time for the hurting?

Why do you wake up every morning with that pit in your heart? Why do you go through the motions when you’re miserable?

Who put you in these chains? Don’t you know you can walk away?

Why do you work so hard to impress others so they will give you that tiny raise? Why do you make people rich and then beg for the leftovers?

What are you afraid of?


You’re gonna fail! Stop letting it scare you! You can’t do something great if you don’t fail forward into success.

Instead, be afraid of the chains of mediocrity that you’ve already snapped around your shaking wrists. Be terrified of living your whole life for someone else.

Be frightened of stopping at the dream – and not executing it. Anyone can dream! We do it effortlessly when we close our eyes every night.

Become a doer, not just a dreamer.

At the end of your life, will you be happy you played in the kiddie pool? You were safe! You were free from failure! You didn’t make any mistakes! You also never dared to fly!

An athlete knows they won’t get better if they stay comfortable. So, they swim with the sharks. They glide over waters where they can’t see the bottom. They face the unknown ocean. They risk getting stung by jellyfish, attacked by sea monsters, beaten by the waves. They swim against the tide. They are burned by the sun. They taste the salt of sadness. They experience pain, fatigue and brokenness.



And they push past it all! Like diamonds under pressure – they grow strong. They harden and train muscles so they can save others who are drowning. They become heroes!

Which person do you want to be? Would you proudly claim the bloated, half-dead coward with the floaty rings who never risked, or the hardened hero who can swim for miles and not care if the shore is in sight?

“Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave. The stars will never align. The timing will never be perfect. You just have to jump in and let the waters cover you.

Will it be easy to step away from the cookie-cutter culture? Never! Will it be worth it? Always!

Chose the life of authenticity, power and adventure over the life support of mediocrity.

Don’t you know you’re up for sale?

Every day you’re being fed ideas, agendas, the sales pitch. You are just as smart as them! So come up with your own vision!

Stop asking for permission to be great! The greatness is already there. When did you forget to believe in yourself?

The airplane takes off against the wind, not with it! Embrace the effort. Seek out the struggle. Cherish the challenge.

When will you decide it’s time to free yourself from limitations? No one else should ever draw the line in the sand for you. If you aren’t in control of your life, then you’ve already given your existence away to the highest bidder.

When will you learn to fear the unlived life more than the growing pains of greatness? When will you realize that bruises and the taste of blood from the last hard knock creates character? When will you stand up against the status quo and fight for yourself?

Have you been knocked down?

Get back up!



Do you have a dream? Of course you do! Everyone does! We are born to dream. Every kid can’t wait to grow up and change the world.

What happens to those dreams? Life washes them away and you just accept the lie that you must live for the weekends and endure the 40-hour grind.

No wonder you’re aching inside! No wonder you can’t sleep at night! You’ve given your power away. The child within has died… slowly, imperceptibly, quietly.

Is it worth it to trade dreams for direct deposits? Don’t you realize no amount of money can buy back all of those wasted seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years that you’ve given to build another man’s castle? All the toys in the world are pointless if you’re working too hard for someone else to enjoy them.

Are you using your time well? If you answer no, then listen before it’s too late. Dust off that dream. Don’t be afraid to fail forward and grow – even if it’s painful, even if people think you’ve lost your mind, even if you disappoint those companies that enjoy living off your efforts.

Go back to your fearless childhood, swish on your cape, sharpen your sword, slay your dragons, and pry your life back from other people.

When you stop dreaming, you stop living! Don’t let false security lull to you sleep – because “someday” will become “too late.”

I’m that voice, screaming for years to be heard – yet ignored. You listened when you were young. As you grew older, other voices became more important.

I’m the last advocate for your original dreams, visions and potential. I’m the purity of your true self hiding behind the mask you wear. I’m the answer for what you can become if you just let go of false beliefs planted by people who need you to keep making them great.

I’m only a whisper now. All of your compromises, fears and doubts have almost drown me out. Don’t numb yourself from the discontent you feel! Let the pain propel you to change. It’s not too late!

You are in danger of dying before you’ve lived. I’m begging you; don’t be afraid to ask for more.

I promise – you’re worth it!


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