A Happy Heart is Good Medicine

If perception is reality, then I want to make mine the best view possible! Mental struggles and relationship issues are often lonely battles in dark places. I want to open up on what I’ve learned from my own personal struggles, and focus on how we can improve our outlook on life, our impact on others, and our ability to love ourselves and those around us.

Ready for Snow!

Today is the first day of fall! I’m so excited! I haven’t experienced a true leaf-changing, hayride-seeking, apple-cider-drinking fall in over nine years! It’s time!

Not that I’m wanting to skip this amazing season. However, I already find myself looking forward to that next winter snow and the crackle of […]

More Connected, Yet Out of Touch


It’s what people crave. Yet more and more, people are going to on-line sources to bond on the bandwidth. Generation Z, the millennial generation, seem to be born with a smartphone in hand.

While connecting online isn’t necessarily a bad thing, are people spending so much time under the alluring […]

My Fearful Adventure: Leaving the Cage to Fly

Fear – the cage that encloses our soul. Though we want to fly, we hit the steel bars, unable to break away from prison. Fear takes many forms. For me, ironically, I was afraid of losing freedom and falling flat on my face. And, because of my fear of […]

From a Motherless Non-Mother on Mother’s Day

I struggle with some holidays more than others. Mother’s Day is one of the tougher ones. It reminds me of what I’ve lost or have yet to gain.

What I’ve Lost

You see, I lost my mother nineteen years ago. I was barely a teenager, just getting into that phase of […]

Tasting Tomorrow Today

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist; that is all.” Oscar Wilde

Are you a future thinker? Do you constantly dream about your life in that pink puffy place in the distance where all dreams come true? Is happiness so elusive that you constantly […]

Social Media Debates – Why I No Longer Play in the Fray

It happens. You are scrolling down your newsfeed and come across that post that just gets under your skin. You know that person must be completely off their meds to say something so ignorant, and you can’t wait to enlighten them so they can again join the world of […]

Past the Fantasy to the Fairy Tale

Marriage. ¬†For many single women, it’s the ultimate goal to experience happiness. It’s the handsome prince on the white horse sweeping her up into his arms and cantering off into the sunset. It’s the laughter. It’s the butterflies when lips touch. It’s the white lace and candlelight. Love is […]