I love being fit. Unfortunately, I don’t always love the journey getting there. This is a place where I will share real fitness tips, as well as the humorous struggles along the way, on how I’m training for my first Ironman race. For background, I have been a triathlete and runner for many years. I have checked off my first marathon from my bucket list, and want to take on a full 104.6-mile Ironman as my pre-midlife crisis. I’m still asking myself why I don’t just buy a really fast red car instead. If you are more than the casual health nut and need me to feed you more of this type of sweaty, honest, gritty fitness stuff, I also have an entire site dedicated to my triathlete friends at:

Death by Carrot Juice?

Have you ever thought you were going to die? I have… twice.

My first near-death experience was when I flew off a cliff on a motorbike in Seattle when I was a teen. I couldn’t make the curve, couldn’t stop the momentum built up from my gravity-induced free fall on […]

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Vitamin Supplements: Are they Worth the Money?

Since the dawn of my memories, I can remember taking those brightly colored Flintstones vitamins before bed. After all, the thinking at the time was that kids needed supplements to grow up healthy. That upbringing, and those yummy colored chewables, has produced an adult culture obsessed with vitamin therapy. […]

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    Seven Reasons Why Carnivores and Vegetarians Can Co-Exist on Thanksgiving

Seven Reasons Why Carnivores and Vegetarians Can Co-Exist on Thanksgiving

Turkey Day! Except what do you do for those crazy vegetarians? What can they even eat? Should you save your grass clippings?


Seriously, I’ve heard it all.


For the past decade, I have been a vegetarian in some form. I have vacillated between raw vegan and regular vegetarian. Yet, no matter […]

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Peace on the Street – Stopping Harassment

If I were to tell you that there is a population group where 99% of the people in America have suffered harassment in some form, what comes to mind? A smaller minority group? A certain religious organization? A particular sexual orientation? All fair guesses!

But the answer? Women. That’s right. […]

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Tasting Life’s Rainbow – One Juice at a Time!

Life. It’s an amazing gift! Why not squeeze every drop of juice out of it that you can? One way to best experience life’s juice is to… quite literally… juice.

There are many benefits to juicing, whether it is just supplementing fresh juice into a healthy diet or going on […]

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    From Fat and Sick to Fit and Quick – How Diet and Exercise Changed My Life

From Fat and Sick to Fit and Quick – How Diet and Exercise Changed My Life

I sat in the cold florescent-lit room covered only in a thin paper gown. My arm ached from the blood draw while bruises confessed previous invasions. I had gone through more doctors than I could remember, and I was still no closer to finding out what was wrong.

It started […]

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Running to Remember Boston – in Grenada, West Indies

The Boston marathon bombing shock waves were felt across the entire world. It wasn’t just an attack on a public event, but it targeted one of the purest forms of achievement – the finish line of a race. Running, like the Olympic Games, brings people together from all cultures, […]

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So You Think You Hate Running?

I have been running off and on for the past twenty years. During my “off” seasons of life I certainly haven’t looked like I should stand with the lanky athletes who fly over miles like stepping stones, but my heart has always identified with them. Over time, I have […]

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When I don’t know what to do, I run.

I ran today because nothing else made sense. I wore my race shirt of blue and gold, found an American flag, and started my run. Yesterday, bombs went off at the Boston Marathon. People died. Limbs shattered. Hearts broke.

The Boston Marathon […]

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By |April 16th, 2013|Training|10 Comments|

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