So many dreams, never get done
So many races, never get run
When is it life loses its fun?
What kills the vision before its begun?

One thing’s for sure, to dream big is in all
But only a few get over that wall
For actions aren’t easy to answer the call
To do something great, get ready to fall

The question is… which way?

Will you fall back into anger and pain?
Will you fall forward for the small ground you gain?
Bitter or better, you won’t be the same
The spark will go out, or burst into flame

Falling is scary, so many don’t try
It’s only the fearless who leap, fall, then fly
For they become daring after the cry
It hurts to fall, but the wall isn’t as high

You have to fall forward, gain control of the fear
For only defeat makes the dream draw near
The goal is much clearer seen through a tear
Get up once more, for the vision is here

Every fall was forward, now you’re here…


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