There is something so nostalgic about cupping a cold lemonade while catching the sunset from a porch swing. I can’t tell you how much I have missed that! You see, for the last decade, I haven’t had a porch swing. Shocking, especially for a Southern gal, I know!

In Florida, where we were living for the past seven years, we had a beautiful lanai. We had a nice outdoor dining set, fire pit, and a hot tub; so adding a porch swing seemed to feel like too much clutter for the space. Then, we started our adventure in Grenada, West Indies. You guessed it! No porch swing!

Since we’ve been back in the good ol’ USA, we haven’t been settled. Finally, this month, we now have our own rental place. And, that wonderful home has two amazing features – a garage and fenced back yard! I haven’t had a garage or fenced-in back yard in over three years, although we’ve moved six times during that insane period of our lives. Needless to say, I’m in heaven!

Having a garage again has sparked the embers of a do-it-yourself diva within me. That, plus we are watching our spending, and I can’t justify paying retail or wholesale for furniture. So, I have made Craigslist my best friend. I plan to share many more DIY ideas in the future, but for now, let’s get back to the swing.

I got the swing frame for free. You heard me… FREE! Someone posted this little gem in the free section on Craigslist. When I got it, it lookedphoto 1 copy 2 like this.



I will freely admit, it wasn’t a looker. But, the structure was sound and could hold weight. That’s all that I cared about.

My main issue was how to utilize the sitting space. After all, we had one moldy, disgusting seat left. The other side was just a big hole surrounded by metal. Unless you’re a parakeet or bacterium, it’s not an ideal location to sit down.

photo 2 copy 2


The first thing that had to go was that seat cushion. The underside of this science experiment was a green Petri dish of disease, mold, and germs.

Then, I took measurements and went to Lowe’s. I had the nice gentlemen cut me two pre-treated, wooden boards from my measurements that would lay on the seats.

photo 3 copy 2


Unfortunately, this was a swing. So, gravity would challenge these boards to stay put when put into motion. To fix this, I added corner hinges and squeezed them in between two mental support rods on the frame. They fit perfectly and kept the seat secure, so that I could swing away without launching into the neighbors yard. My hubby splurged and bought me a power drill to make this little seat patch. He knows the way to this girl’s heart is through power tools!

photo 4


Next, I spray painted the entire swing frame black, cause it goes with everything and covers the rust stains well. I also spray-painted the support boards so they wouldn’t stand out under the cushions.

photo 3 copy


Finally, I bought some super fluffy red cushions, that were on sale at the time, from Wal-Mart for about $30 each. I could have gotten cheaper cushions, like the original ones on the swing. However, if it’s not comfortable, how much will you really enjoy it? I like to sit with my hubby and talk on a cushy swing, and not have our quality time limited because our legs go numb! Some things are just worth investing in: like comfort! So, I paid a bit more for the extra padding. I also liked the solid red color, because it really made the swing pop! I bought the hinges, lumber, and three cans of spray paint. So, for about $85 in total (with $60 just going to the seat cushions), I have a comfortable like-new swing that retails for over $300 on Amazon! And, my seat cushions look comfier… just sayin!

Here’s a look at the swing before I decided to spay paint the boards. My little diva, Keesha, wouldn’t let me take the picture without her in it!

photo 1 copy


I now have a functional, comfortable swing that I can enjoy for years to come!

The idea of taking someone’s garbage, saving it from the landfill, and making it beautiful again really appeals to me. I have a garage full of Craigslist castaway furniture that I plan to upcycle. So, stay tuned for more posts as I refurnish our home with DIY refurbished!

What about you? What DIY project are you most proud of?

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