Turkey Day! Except what do you do for those crazy vegetarians? What can they even eat? Should you save your grass clippings?


Seriously, I’ve heard it all.


For the past decade, I have been a vegetarian in some form. I have vacillated between raw vegan and regular vegetarian. Yet, no matter what shade of green my diet takes on, I occasionally make carnivorous and omnivorous dieters uncomfortable because my plate lacks something that once had a face.


So, because holidays are stressful enough, I wanted to clear the air about vegetarians once and for all!


1) You Really Don’t Have to Stress About What to Feed Us







We vegetarians do not expect the rest of the world to cater to us. If we did, we wouldn’t have chosen such a different diet. If people follow a very strict vegan diet, they will most likely bring things that they can eat. I always do this when I’m being more selective. The last thing I expect is for my host to learn to cook an entirely different way just for little old me.


Please take this as a peace offering rather than an insult. We just don’t want you to stress out over what to prepare. And, feel free to try some of our food. Vegetarians love to share!


When following a more lax diet, vegetarians can easily make a meal of your side dishes. We love mashed potatoes, cooked veggies, pasta, and all manner of bread. And, of course, what vegetarian doesn’t love salad? We won’t waste away or go hungry; trust me!


2) We Like Watching Your Post-Feast Comas







One of the benefits of not eating copious amounts of meat on Thanksgiving is that we still have energy for some fun family games after lunch. If you don’t give us an outlet for our energy, and fall asleep due to your turkey gluttony, we can’t promise you will sleep in peace. You may wake up to your hand filled with shaving cream while we tickle your nose with a feather with camera at the ready. I know. It’s really not a fair fight.

3) We Don’t Want Your Turkey… So Don’t Feel Sorry for Us







Right now, I’m the only vegetarian in my family. I sometimes feel pity from those closest to me. They look at me like I am punishing myself by forgoing the turkey, ham, and chicken.


Let me just say it once and for all, “I don’t want your turkey. Nope, not even one bite.”


I have been a vegetarian for 10 years. I don’t even miss meat anymore. You may as well be eating discarded tire rubber; for that is the level of appeal that soggy piece of meat on your fork has for me as you push it toward my face with a worried expression.


I don’t envy your plate. I know it’s hard to understand. But, please, don’t feeling sorry for me. I’m very happy with my dietary choices. For me, a bite of veggie casserole tastes better than any turkey.

4) We Don’t Care If You Eat Meat… Really







We don’t care what is on your plate. We’re not offended that you are eating meat. We are just happy to be with people that we love. Please, don’t let our diet make you feel uncomfortable.


I don’t judge anyone by their plate. I just ask for the same courtesy in return.


5) A Thankful Heart Doesn’t Have Room for Judging or Agendas







Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what you’re blessed with, not get into a discussion on how vegetables can give you enough protein to not die. If I had a nickle for every time I’ve had that discussion, I would be able to retire by now. I think if everyone would just put down the pitchforks and pick up their own forks, life would be so much easier.


Instead of focusing on the type of food going into our mouths, let’s pay attention to the words that come out. Thanksgiving is a time to simply love your family, especially if you don’t agree. I’m thankful that we are all so different. Life wouldn’t be nearly as stimulating if everyone mind-melded together. That reminds me of a zombie apocalypse, but that’s not good dinner conversation.

6) Veggie Food Can Taste Just as Good







Don’t count us vegetarians out. We can make some knock-your-socks-off stuffing! In fact, there are so many things we can make that everyone can enjoy. And, we love to see that surprised look on your face when you realize that we just rocked your culinary world while breaking your misconceptions about our love of grass clippings.


7) In The End… We All Love Pie!







Everyone loves Thanksgiving pie! At the end of the meal, our plates all look the same anyway – empty! So, let’s focus on all the things we love to eat while eating around the amazing people we love!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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